Why we need your contribution?We need your generous contribution in order to continue this necessary work of mercy. Your support will allow us to maintain our Shelter in Colombia, as well as an outreach program for children who have been admitted to intensive care units. Our program provides each child with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, basic medicine, paid treatments and other necessities. In many cases, we have become the legal guardian to children whose families are unable to support them financially. In addition, we employ psychologist-social workers, support staff members, and twenty-four hour nursing supervision.

Most of the companies have a matching gift program; you give an amount, they donate the same. All you have to do is ask. 100% and both donations will go directly to our program. Here's how you can double or triple your impact in your workplace:

Make a cash, check or credit card donation to Secular Association Totus Tuus. Keep your gift receipt in case your workplace requires it. Most corporate matching programs give you up to one year to request their match on your donation.

Please check with your HR department to ask if your company matches employee donations. The Secular Association Totus Tuus is listed as a non-profit organization under section 501c3 of the IRS.

There are two ways to submit the matching request:

1. Get your company's matching gift verification form and e-mail it to us:

2. If your company provides a link to their system, submit your matching gift request to them. They'll process this and send it to us.

Once we receive your form or online request, we will take care of the rest. Your company will send its matching donation directly to: the Secular Association Totus Tuus and you'll help twice or even three times.

Why donate monthly?
Please consider helping us on a monthly basis, by partnering with us as a monthly electronic giver, as it is a fast and simple way to help the children in our program. Please remember that no gift is too small, or too large. In faithfulness, you can help us provide good health care as well as spiritual nourishment to those who most depend on us.

Making regular monthly donations to our program helps ensure that there is a steady flow of income to cover the needs of the children under our care. Indeed, It would help us to allocate more time in our efforts to help more children who are in dire need of help.


Your monthly pledge of $20 or more would help us to give hope to children stricken with cancer and other deadly diseases. As a monthly electronic giver, you will be among the most dedicated supporters.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world,
particularly in developing countries.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and the total number of cases globally is increasing. The number of global cancer deaths is projected to
increase 45% from 2007 to 2030 (from 7.9 million to 11.5 million deaths)

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