What we do?

Totus Tuus runs a palliative care home for children, and adolescents with life-limiting illnesses.

In our based facility home, a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, support staff and volunteers provides care and support 24/7—with no out any cost.
Totus Tuus House has served hundreds of children for the last ten years.  We can said that there is nothing more need it than being at the side of a loved one who is dying and provide the care and the love that they need in last difficult moment.

After the circumstances of losing a child, Totus Tuus provides to the families the opportunity to buried their child in our Chapel.

The Need

Every day in the United States and in Colombia more than 565,000 children are living with life-limiting, chronic conditions, and 5,000 of them are within the last 6 months of their lives. More than 53,000 children die in this country annually, with over 80% in hospitals.

A priority in current palliative care is enabling people to be cared for in the place of their choosing. Many hospitals provide high-quality hospice and palliative care, but enabling patients to be cared for in a home-like environment with their loved ones by their side greatly improves their quality of life.

For over 8 years I saw families admitted to the hospital just so they could rest because they were exhausted, and I witnessed last goodbyes with families huddled in hallways, sneaking siblings for sleep overs on mats on hospital floors, and kids begging to have a friend spend the night.

Totus Tuus House model for palliative care aims to reduce depression and symptom burden, both of which often contribute to morbidity in patients. One of the principles of palliative care is to help guide and support the patient’s development along the entire trajectory of their disease with a spiritual, integrative and life- promoting care model.

Totus Tuus’ program is both a philosophy and an organized method for delivering competent, compassionate, and consistent care to children with chronic, complex and life-threatening conditions.

Our care focuses on enhancing quality of life, minimizing suffering, and providing opportunities for personal and spiritual support.

This work is achieved through a combination of active and compassionate therapies intended to comfort and support our children. We offer to our children practical gestures of Christian love so that they are comforted in their pain and suffering.

It is vital to our organization's mission that we offer our children love and that we take special care to nourish their spiritual needs, so that they are fully able to endure their sufferings patiently. It is through prayer, kindness, and love that each child's spiritual needs are met; in doing so, our children are able to experience fully the love of our loving God.

The great need to help the Children.

Colombia has one of the world's highest mortality incidences of cancer in children. According to the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INC) the main Colombia’s cancer hospital diagnoses around 2,500 new cases of child cancer every year although not all are diagnosed.

The main problem is that most of the children come from the countryside and rural areas of Colombia. Therefore, out of the 70% of patients who are admitted with easily treatable cancers such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and solid tumors.  However, the main cancer hospital (The INC) has an overall survival rate as low as only 30%.

Reasons for the low survival rate

  1. Abandonment of treatment is a major problem with more than 40% of patients failing to complete the full course of treatment.
  2. Families do not receive any practical, financial or emotional support to help them cope with long stays in hospital.
  3. Many children are forced to stop the treatment due to poverty and lack of support.
  4. Colombia has no countrywide cancer plan for children.

How our program helps these children?

Extreme poverty has left our children’s families with no other choice but to hand them over to our loving care, in order to ensure that their medical needs are met. Therefore, our children are under either our care for a limited time, that is, until their illness is treated, or until their health declines to death, or permanently as a result of being abandoned by their parents due to economic difficulties.

The benefits of our program:

  1. Increase survival rates, this equates to saving the life of children every year.
  2. Provide practical, emotional and financial support to children with cancer and to assist them in completing the full course of treatment.
  3. Relief from pain and other distressing symptoms.
  4. Integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care.
  5. Offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death.
  6. Uses a team approach to address the needs of patients and their families including bereavement counseling.
Our program provides each child with food, clothing, shelter, transportation to hospitals, basic medicine, paid treatments and other necessities. In many cases, we have become the legal guardian to children whose families are unable to support them financially. In addition, we employ, psychologist-social workers, support staff members, and twenty-four hour nursing supervision.

Email: info@totustuusonline.org
Phone: (1) 323-404-1621

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